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Eco Potagator
The protagator nutures a seedling in the best environment possible. Once the seed has outgrown th..
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Growing your own herbs, vegetables, salads and fruits from seed is not only cost effective, but is also an extremely rewarding process. At Let’s Get Gardening, we supply a range of specialist gardening equipment, including everything from electric propagators down to plastic potting trays, which help you to make the best use of your garden and allow you to produce plants from a wide variety of sources, including bulbs, cuttings and seeds.

Perfect for raising seedlings and rooting cuttings, our range of electric propagators, designed by leading producer of gardening accessories, Stewart Plastics, provides the ideal environment for raising seeds and cuttings in terms of both temperature and humidity. Our Stewarts’ Thermostatic Control Electric Propagators allow precise control over your plants’ growing temperature. Easy to operate by simple selection of the desired temperature, these high performing propagators with built-in thermostats are perfect for raising flowers, vegetables, herbs and exotic plants that require higher temperatures to grow. Available in sizes ranging from 38-52cm, these highly versatile units can accommodate either full size seed trays or a combination of small trays. The units’ clear, impact-resistant covers also have adjustable sliding vents to provide the perfect temperature and level of air flow needed for the ‘hardening off’ process. Alternatively, our Stewarts’ Unheated Propagators are perfect for the beginner gardener. Featuring high lids and ventilations slots, our unheated propagators are ideal for plant cuttings, and provide additional height to ensure that your seedlings will not run out of growing space.

The ideal gardening accessories for germinating tomato, sweetcorn and cucumber seeds, our Stewart Plastics Potting Trays and Potting Tray Shelves are high performing, great value products for taking cuttings or planting seeds. Our plastic potting trays are lipped to help to retain compost and spillage, whilst our Removable Potting Tray Shelves, which easily attach to the tops of the potting trays, are great for storing seed packets and small gardening tools, such as pruners. We also stock a wide range of seed and gravel trays, including Stewarts’ Premium Extra Deep Seed Tray, which is an essential greenhouse item for sowing seeds and propagating young plants. Ideal for use with growbags, our Stewarts’ Essentials Growbag Tray is a lightweight, yet impact resistant gardening accessory, whilst our Stewarts’ Propagator Covers have crystal clear lids in order to emit the maximum levels of light to your plants, enhancing their growth.

For further advice on plant propagation, please refer to our plant propagation top tips.